Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caiden Cowger, Really?

In addition to the Boy Scout gay ban story I came across a news story, "Fourteen year old conservative radio talk show host says Obama is making kids gay." Fourteen years old?! Really, is this the best Huffington Post can do? I had to find out how a fourteen year old conservative radio host, first, got his own show, and second, got into the news for something he said. The kid's name is Caiden Cowger and he's not exactly on the radio, he's got an internet radio show and a couple of obscure hillbilly internet radio stations that pick up his precocious teenage wisdom. And pardon me for making it all about me, but I spent twenty-three years as an adult making scathing social commentary that was published in dozens of actual newspapers and never got a peep of media attention. All I ever got was conservative intellectual hate-stalkers. When I did get interviewed it was when I was promoting one of my books and had a hired publicist working on it. I made many many weirder and more controversial statements than Obama is making kids gay and they were never picked up by Huffington Post. It's a conspiracy. Caiden Cowger is so strange he's worth listening to for three minutes.


  1. Would it help if I went on the radio and declared that Lloyd Dangle is making all our kids gay?

  2. Oh, what was that guy whose avatar was a picture of a rock? Blemoth? Uvula? U-something. He's one of the reasons why I try to avoid the internet nowadays. Too many people with too much free time and not enough brain cells.