Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today's Sketchbook: Confronting the Mitt Romney Issues Nobody is Talking About


  1. Lloyd... I just stumbled upon your website. Thought you went away! It hurts me to see that you drew this up on May 13th and nobody commented. I want you to know that this is great stuff... but then... isn't it made easy to portray total psycho lunacy when there's a freak like Romney crawling on our earth? I read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.... a history of the Mormons brought up to present day. I had to close the book every 30 pages or so... and scream. It reads like a Stephen King novel. These people are plain and simple insane. This life to them is nothing more than a shoplifting spree. They're here to steal everything they can get so they can feather their nests in the Mormon eternity that awaits them. But THIS world is nothing but trick-or-treats. Romney thinks he's reaching for the biggest gold-plated eternity that has been ever dreamed of. One more thing... lynching was invented for guys like Joseph Smith. I love the way R. Crumb illustrated Genesis. you ought to illustrate the Book of Mormon. It would be a blast.

  2. Thanks, Tom! I read that book. After you mentioned it I looked for my copy to skim it over again. Couldn't find it. Maybe I passed it along. It was incredible.

    Glad you found the blog. I'm keeping an obscure profile these days.