Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bean Nazis


  1. myself, in the fridge, have Peet's French Roast, Organic Free Trade from Honduras and Colombia - the supremo beans, not the other ones.

    I, no hipster, heartily approve.

    from Kaldi, to today the story of coffee is one of my favorites. read Plotkin on this, it's great.

    wicked good catch, Dangle.


  2. The "third wave" coffee shop in my city, named "Good Taste" and located near my home, has signs up explaining to customers why they are assholes for wanting decaf or skim milk. Apparently, skim is not a "whole" food (no shit, that's the point!) defcaffination is wasteful of energy. Paying $10,000 for a machine that does the same job as a $20 French press and having it flown on a jet airplane to you fancy new coffee shop is not wasteful, though. Also, the sign telling what kinds of outrageously expensive coffee they have is titled "Offerings," and contains the now-normal wine-bore-type descriptions of the "notes" one can pretend to detect while savoring their magical brew. And of course it is staffed by rude, snooty 23-year-olds who really do believe that they are doing you a favor by informing you what boorish taste in coffee you have while making you pay almost ten bucks, and wait ten minutes or more, for one single little cup of brewed god-damned coffee. And finally, double of course, everything you might want to read about this place is all about how great it is.

    Thanks for the cartoon! I'm so fucking excited there is a place to read your cartoons again! You have no idea.