Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break News

It was just spring break for Oscar and there was snow up in the Sierras so we went skiing. Readers know that I have a love-hate relationship with skiing, mostly hate. Championship Olympian Ben Nichols gave me a lesson this time and I got a little better with my turns. Turn left, turn right, turn left, fall down, over and over again. That’s what skiing is all about. Bend your knees, they say. My knees don’t bend. I’m into the beginner’s mind and all that but it sucks when all the adults (hell, Oscar and his pals too) are patiently waiting for Mr. Pathetic to get up from my splayed position in the snow. At the prices they charge ($1 a second) I feel bad when people are helping me up instead of flying down the hills like they would prefer to be.

I find the ski lodge bar to be the place to be. Even though they charge $18 for a hamburger and fries in the restaurant, beers in the bar were reasonably priced. There are lots of people with odd hats and strange facial hair for me to capture in my sketchbook and I could check my email obsessively with their free WiFi.

We stayed in a hotel a couple of nights and Hae read to Oscar from the Odyssey (a kid’s version), so I made a couple sketches from the Greek classic. And then we watched a TV show about the Titanic and I sketched some sinking ships. With that and all the ski bums I burned through a sketchbook during vacation and it was good. Oscar recently said, “I thought you didn’t draw anymore.” I proved him wrong. He also said, “You have the power to suck the fun out of anything.” That hurt my feelings. I asked him what he meant by it. He said that I always make him stop playing video games but that momma lets him play video games. That's not even true.

On Wednesday the snow came down pretty hard. It was wet like the snow in Michigan. Hae and I pelted Oscar with snowballs while he made a snowman. He giggled like a maniac and rolled around in the snow until all of his clothes were soaking wet. That was fun. Then we drove home.

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