Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Google Punked Me

The other day I did a search of the term, graphic recording, on Google. To my surprise my site,, came up as number six in the search! I couldn’t believe it. Then it occurred to me, I was doing the search from my iPad. Did Google know it was me? Were they feeding me some bullshit information that they thought I wanted to see? I went onto Hae’s computer and tried the same search. My site was nowhere in the top twenty pages. Evil!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great Lettering

Be sure to look at the fine print.

Getting Started

This is going to be the new Lloyd Dangle blog. Yes a deep, personal site where I can be myself, warts and all, post my diatribes and deranged sketches outside the purview of my corporate clients...unless they know how to use Google. Come to think of it, they'll probably find it. Hello corporate people! Really, I pull it together and become very professional when I'm on a job.

Starting a new blog is like being an infant again. Right now I'm waiting for my excellent designer friend, Pat Broderick, to come up with the header. It's going to be awesome. Actually it's kind of like being a virgin again. I took a look at the HTML editor and I didn't get a bit of it. I felt violated. Well, I guess I'm stuck with the options Google gives.

Be sure to follow my this new blog and just go back to when you're in the mood for a walk down memory lane. Troubletown is so over.  Sob! I've gotten over it, now it's time that you do too.